Cyclone Racing CR-27

Cyclone Racing Formula SAE Team. This car was designed and built for the 2023 Formula SAE North America competition. As this was my first year being the lead engineer for vehicle systems and tuning, it was quite a learning experience. While I was able to leverage some existing skills from the CR-26 car, considerable thought and planning was necessary to integrate all of the components in my system together in an effective and logical manner. This car required me to improve my knowledge of CAD programs including SolidWorks and AutoCad in order to claim space for my parts in our 3D model, as well as create a wiring diagram to assist us in wiring the car.

There were also several large changes to part selection, including an AiM Motorsports power distribution module, as well as a radically different air intake plenum. While the AiM PDM came with a learning curve and was a costly investment for the team, it proved invaluable by reducing wiring complexity from our previous mechanical fuse and relay block design, as well as providing current draw and output diagnostics for components such as water pumps and fans. The changes to the intake plenum design, while allowing for higher peak horsepower output, proved challenging during fuel map calibration due to the angle of the fuel injectors in relation to the intake runners. As some of the more complex aspects of tuning an engine were beyond my skill range at the time, I reached out to other Formula SAE teams, as well as local engine tuners in Ames for advice on dialing in settings.